Cabochon pendant necklace, 3d printable model for jewelry making

Fantasy pendant stl and obj files

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Fantasy pendant 3D model for a cabochon.

Pendant size - 60 mm

Stone size - oval 20x15x5 and 2.5 mm

Weight in sterling silver with stones - 15.5 gram

The front and back parts are printed separately and cast in silver. The cabochon is adjusted between the parts, which are then welded with laser welding (it is not that hot as regular welding, so the stone is completely safe). Laser is available in most jewelry workshops now.


Please, see the photos of the real jewelry piece made from this model.

After payment you get instant download.

The files can be opened in a 3d software like Rhinoceros 3D and others.

If you need other file formats or have any questions, please, contact us!

Please, note that this is a 3d model in stl and obj format, not a psysical product!

By downloading our digital items you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

We can also send you real goods by post: resin printed or wax models, rubber molds or even ready-made jewelry - please, contact us for details

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Q. Where can I print my models?
A. There are a lot of printing services in different countries, here are the examples: Materialize, Shapeways, Sculpteo or you can order printing by us as well, please, feel free to contact us.
Q. Can you send me resin printed or wax models, rubber molds or ready-made jewelry?
A. Yes, we can! Please, contact us for the price quote.
Q. What software do I need to open stl files?
A. Any 3d program which supports this format like Rhinoceros or Blender.
Q. Which 3d printer should I use?
A. The one printing with wax like Solidscape or with polymer resin like SLA or DLP printers.
Q. How can I pay for the download?
A. Click Buy and proceed to the payment page, pay with card and click Return. Then you will see the Downloads button.
Q. Can I make jewelry for selling?
A. Yes, you can if you buy commercial license, please, see our full Terms and Conditions.
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