Frequently asked questions

Where can I print my models?

There are a lot of printing services in different countries, here are the examples: Materialize, Shapeways, Sculpteo or you can order printing by us as well, please, feel free to contact us.

Can you send me resin printed or wax models, rubber molds or ready-made jewelry?

Yes, we can! Please, contact us for the price quote.

What software do I need to open stl files?

Any 3d program which supports this format like Rhinoceros or Blender.

Which 3d printer should I use?

The one printing with wax like Solidscape or with polymer resin like SLA or DLP printers.

How can I pay for the download?

Click Buy and proceed to the payment page, pay with card and click Return. Then you will see the Downloads button.

Can I make jewelry for selling?

Yes, you can if you buy commercial license, please, see our full Terms and Conditions.

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